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Update of the Blonk Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

Deforestation and land use change (LUC) remain big, global problems and main contributors to climate change. Globally, forest coverage continues to decrease by an astonishing average of 4.7 million hectares every year […]
Agri-footprint 2.0

Agri-footprint 5.0

For some time Agri-footprint 5.0 is available as Excel format and for openLCA users. Soon Agri-footprint 5.0 will become available for SimaPro users as well.

Environmental footprint of certified sustainably produced Brazilian soy

ProAgros asked Blonk Consultants to prepare an environmental footprint of soybeans grown by a Brazilian soy producing group certified under the Sustainable Farming Assurance Programme (SFAP). The carbon footprint of this soy […]

Brand-specific data as add-ons to the Agri-footprint database

We are extending our Agri-footprint database, introducing the concept of ‘Branded Data Add-ons’, which help companies to make the environmental performance of their products visible and share it with stakeholders.

Insights in the environmental impact of foods in our supermarkets

At Blonk Consultants we have collected numerous insights and data on the impact of consumer food products. Our Food Consumption Impact Datasets open up a range of opportunities for companies and organisations […]
Agri-footprint 4.0

Update of GFLI Database of Animal Feed Production

A harmonised calculation method is essential for determining the environmental impact of animal products, such as meat, milk and eggs, in a fair and correct manner. An update of the LCA Feed database […]
Blonk Consultants

Training session – Footprinting in the Animal Production Sector

On 14 May 2019 we organise a training ‘Footprinting in the animal production sector. This training is a perfect start to gain a better understanding of carbon and environmental footprinting in this […]

LCA Feed Databases: what are the differences?

We develop several LCA databases of feed ingredients. On regular basis we receive questions from companies, branch organisations and other organisations about the differences between these databases.

Update Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool

The Direct Land Use Change Assessment Tool is regularly updated as new data become available. Version 2018 is now available and contains FAO statistics up to 2016. Many of the background data […]

Behind the scenes – Integration of US crops from LCA commons into Agri-footprint

In this article we share some of our insights on the integration of US crops from LCA commons into Agri-footprint, the LCA Food Database.  

Agri-footprint 4.0 available for openLCA

Earlier this year we released Agri-footprint 4.0. This update includes USDA LCA Commons crop production data and some bug fixes. The latest version of Agri-footprint is now also available for the openLCA software. […]
Agri-footprint in SimaPro and openLCA

Behind the scenes – Improve agricultural data quality: multi cropping in Agri-footprint

Recently, Hans Blonk visited Brazil for a Global Feed LCA Institute(GFLI) stakeholder meeting. Improving the data on multi cropping will be one of the main topics of the upcoming GFLI data project in Brazil. […]
Wheat Agri-footprint

Behind the scenes – Seed application and seed production in Agri-footprint

We believe that transparency is essential in the development of sustainable agri-food chains, which is why we are more than happy to give you an impression of how we work ‘behind the […]
Agri-footprint 4.0

Release Agri-footprint 4.0

The Agri-footprint LCA database for agri-food processes and products is under continuous development. Since its release in 2014 the database has been expanded by adding high quality data, making Agri-footprint an increasingly valuable source […]

Survey – Help us build the perfect database for you!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our Agri-footprint LCA database. Please take out a moment to complete our survey  to help us build the perfect database for you!

LCA database Animal Feed production

A harmonised calculation method is essential for determining the environmental impact of animal products such as meat, milk and eggs in a fair and correct manner. To this end the global feed […]